Thursday, September 22, 2011


So my friend Anna and I have been planning a mellow camping trip. turns out shes never been to the Eastern Sierra- A problem that had to be fixed! Justin needed us to bring him crutches and ankle braces....

Zap accompanying Anna on her first ever ES boulder problem at Ricks Rocks, not the best rock though...

Some more Ricks Rocks! this problem actually finishes out right via some really cool moves but a left variation seems doable at about the same grade (v4)  photo credit: Anna L.
Anna and ZAP at Al's Garage. Im not sure if shes on Sangha .10 or Jhana .9 -but we did them both, and they're killer warm ups

ZAP and I Finishing up Aviary. As far as 5.8's go its rad! The Wild Wills Arete` of Al's Garage 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cruisin' In Colorado

Gwen took ZAP with her to Colorado when she moved, and the rock there is absolutely fantastic!


Gwen and ZAP crush :)



Note the absolutely awesome chalkbag.

Thank you Gwen, for sharing and carrying on the adventure! So much love!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Encima Del Agua

ZAP in front of the "Metrosexual" Cave

ZAP's last adventure brought him deep into the Mediterranean Sea to the island of Mallorca. With its steep and towering pocketed-limestone seacliffs above crystal-clear, 80 degree water, the island has become the world's premier "Psicobloc" destination. "Psicobloc" or "Deep Water Soloing" is a form sea cliff climbing in which the climber's only means of protection is the sea beneath them. Participants climb up to 20 meters over the water, and long falls are commonly had.
Taking the big whip off of Kill Bill II, 7c
ZAP camped for 3 weeks in a hammock in the pine trees behind the beach of Cala Barques: a truly magical place where climbers from all around the world come to socialize, send, and sleep.

There are 4 different climbing coves at Cala Barques.
The beatuful, stalactite-filled roof of Sa Cova:
ZAP ready to go climbing!
Nick on Transversal, 7a.
Golden Shower, 7a

The steep, pocketed, 12 meter Metrosexual cave:
Metrosexual Cave
The small, yet difficult Snatch Cave:
Imani on Hercules, 6c+
And the horrifying, 22 meter "Tarantino Cave:"
Kill Bill II
See the chalkbag that I'm wearing in the last shot? Delana graciously lent me the 3 of them that Zach made for her before she went to Thailand earlier this year. They are made of a plastic umbrella and they proved crucial to deep water soloing. Zach was with us on every climb.
Every night, climbers from the beach would party in a large, sandy cave on the beach, and mornings would be often spent drinking coffee and having breakfast in the same cave.

Chillin' in the Cave
Charlie! Our Austrian friend who whe passed ZAP on to!

Hammock Gang
A couple misc. photos:
Conor on Kitty Cats, 8a, Cova Del Diablo

Elliot's biography.

Duurrrrr! Chillin' with Jelisa the Canadian.

IƱaki on Goldie Hawn, 7b+

Cala Barques Sunset
ZAP had an amazing time in Spain, although the real Zach would have hated it, as the temperature was more than 50 degrees F :-P

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crochet ZAPs and some mellow trad!

I decided that crochet ZAPs will probably hold up against the rigor of grating against some rock. Here's a little guy that accompanied Karinn and I to Lover's Leap to do some fun trad climbing - he got to rock out in Corrugation Corner and Hogwild!

We love you Zach, we're thinking of you every day <3