Thursday, September 22, 2011


So my friend Anna and I have been planning a mellow camping trip. turns out shes never been to the Eastern Sierra- A problem that had to be fixed! Justin needed us to bring him crutches and ankle braces....

Zap accompanying Anna on her first ever ES boulder problem at Ricks Rocks, not the best rock though...

Some more Ricks Rocks! this problem actually finishes out right via some really cool moves but a left variation seems doable at about the same grade (v4)  photo credit: Anna L.
Anna and ZAP at Al's Garage. Im not sure if shes on Sangha .10 or Jhana .9 -but we did them both, and they're killer warm ups

ZAP and I Finishing up Aviary. As far as 5.8's go its rad! The Wild Wills Arete` of Al's Garage 

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