Saturday, December 10, 2011

ZAP does AcroYoga ! climbing on people instead of rocks......

In the last little while ZAP got to go flying in AcroYoga Land!  (needed to heal his hands after Bishop and Yoga is fun..... ) Off we went together,
wombat cave
First Stop: The Wombat Cave -  yup, those are ZAP's molds he is checking out ( see the shapes out of the molds  at

 We also went to Clutch Couriers together but decided to skip  the pictures once we got there, instead hugs all around for the bike crew!

 Off to AcroYoga Almaden where ZAP was flown, massaged and all around loved with  many new friends.

The next day we went to acrobatics with the Santa Cruz crew, and spent the weekend at Acrogasm in Oakland with lots  flying  fun, ZAP watched a lot and spend some time working his  trapeze skills as well,

At the end of the weekend I passed ZAP off to the Yogaslackers, Chelsey and Jason, who will be taking ZAP to Patagonia!!!! and New Zealand, and will be doing a lot of climbing and adventure racing!(and they will post here too)

And like all good climbing yogi people,  beer to finish the day.....

santa cruz starfish
ZAP  learns to base koala spinning fun!
water break


getting ready for take off

lots of swing time!
ZAP  got to swing around on toes in flight
zap spotting!

love Thai massage

first time driving?
this one is for you!

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