Sunday, January 8, 2012

Zap goes to Yosemite

We took Zap to the Lower Merced Canyon. Zap's been on a bunch of bouldering trips but hey its time to get back on the big stone and do some crack climbing.
Zap feeling pretty wasted with the 4am start ? I'm not driving can I have a beer ?

Andre with enough cams to sink the Titanic

There were large feral dogs in Yosemite that came and plundered our gear.

Zap soloing Sherri's Crack

Andre leading Nurdle

Elaine one Knob Job making Surith say cheese on Nurdle 
Zap and Elaine getting ready for the Tube

Elaine wishing she hadn't used Zap's beta.
The happiest people in Happy Burger.

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